How does the conference of your dreams look like? Kulturens hus (House of Arts) is full of creativity and possibilities and we will give you a memorable conference that suits your requirements. Furthermore the city of Luleå can offer both entertainment and shopping as well as exotic nature and culture in the nearby surroundings of Kulturens hus. Contacting us takes you one step closer to the conference of your dreams. 


Big or small. Simple or classy.

Kulturens hus, right in the center of Luleå, is a popular meeting place full of life and spirit. Do you want a grand meeting with cultural elements that are in the house? Or do you want to keep small secluded meetings? We have the facilities and resources of both!

In Kulturens hus we organize everything from breakfast meetings, lectures, fairs, conferences, exhibitions and shows. In our restaurant you can enjoy tasty meals and magnificent views of Luleå’s northern harbor.

Lots of experiences. Waiting for you.

Both inside Kulturens hus as well as outside lots of experiences awaits you. With our location by the waterfront, you can enjoy beautiful summer nights of the midnight sun. Or experience our breathtaking archipelago – the tour boats are just a few steps away! During wintertime you can take part of exotic experiences out on the frozen sea ice. The panoramic windows creates a beautiful connection between the outside and the inside. Regardless of season, you have front-row seats to natures shifts and wonders.

How to get here? Quickly and easily, of course!

With good transport links, such as air, train, bus and car traffic, Luleå is always easy to reach. For example with 14-18 daily flights between Stockholm and Luleå you can get here in about an hour. Luleå Airport is just 10 minutes from downtown. At walking distance from Kulturens hus there is an accommodation capacity of 1,000 beds.