Luleå as a conference city

Wondering about why you should arrange your meeting in Luleå? Read this and you’ll understand! 
Here in Luleå you can enjoy snowy winters, sun safe summers and warm people. Moreover, we have high quality conference facilities!


Enriching, fun and extra-ordinary.

Kulturens hus is located right in the center of Luleå with walking distance to accomodation with high capacity, restaurants, malls and lots of other things. From our incredibly fine and well-attended cultural center, next to Luleå’s northern port, you can conference with the city’s best view.

In our town the adventure is always around the corner, whether you’re looking for great shopping and entertainment or exotic nature and culture experiences. Luleå has over 75 000 inhabitants who appreciate both the proximity of places and people as the vast variety of culture, nature, sports and other enriching and fun experiences.


Luleå is always near.

Thanks to good transport links by rail, road and air Luleå is always in your vicinity. 15 daily flights between Luleå and Stockholm will take you here in just over an hour and Luleå Airport is just 10 minutes outside the city center.


Beautiful and unique. All the year round.

Just outside Luleå is the World Heritage Old Church Town, which is the world’s largest and best preserved of its kind. This is a beautiful medieval stone church surrounded by hundreds of small red church cottages. Our unique and popular archipelago of 1300 islands is easy to reach by tour boat. Since Luleå is the gateway to Swedish Lapland you can also experience an arctic climate of northern lights in winter and long, light summer nights with the midnight sun. Year round it is close to magnificent nature, Sami culture and the amazing northern dining experiences.


Northernmost, largest and the sportiest.

Scandinavia’s northernmost university, Luleå University of Technology, with about 17 000 students is located in Luleå. We have one of Sweden’s largest ports, Europe’s largest data centers for Facebook and a lot of talented athletes, playing in elite teams like Northland Basket LF Basket (former Plannja) and Luleå Hockey.



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