Datum: lördag 2 mars, 2019
Tid: 19:00
Plats: Lilla salen
Pris: 180 kr ord, 90 kr stud
Arrangör: Luleå Tekniska Universitet
Köp biljett

With performers from France, Greece, and Sweden (see below)

The iMuSciCA project (with partners working at LTU) invites to the following exciting and innovative concert showcasing the possibilities of modern STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math combined with Arts) approaches in combination with music. You can expect a high-class classical concert with mind-blowing novel interaction and visualization methods. After a successful pilot concert in France, we are proud to organise the second concert here in Luleå (Kulturens hus, lilla salen).

– Introductory talk with background information (15 minutes)
– Jill McCoy (Mezzo Soprano), Robert Piechaud (Composer & Pianist), Petros Stergiopoulos (Flutist) and Quentin Lamerand (Percussion) / 19th & 20th c. works for Voice, Piano, Flute and Percussion in various combinations
– Improvisation piece(s) for real and ”virtual” guitars (Stefan Östersjö, Maximos Kalliakatsos, guitarists) including Drum Boxes & Sequencers (Quentin Lamerand). If pieces are more than one then interaction with students on stage or/and students off-stage (on prepared video) could be possible.
– Special iMuSciCA Improvisation
– Afterwards: aperitif with fingerfood with the chance to talk with the performers and researchers involved in iMuSciCA

The duration of the event is intended to be 80-90 minutes approx. iMuSciCA visualisation and performance tools are going to be broadcasted live on stage during the event especially for parts 2 and 3.