Apply for scholarship

In 2003 the Culture Committee in the municipality of Luleå founded a scholarship for graduating artists from the Art-Universtities in the Nordic countries – who wants to move to the region of Norrbotten and the municipality of Luleå to work as an artist.

The scholarship contains a free studio in one year in between the first of September until the last of august the forthcoming year. The cultural committee is also bound to buy a work of art from the holder of the scholarship to a value of 15000 SEK – produced during the time of the scholarship. The artist is also offered the possibility of having an exhibition in the art hall in Kulturens hus (the House of Culture) after the time for the scholarship. The scholarship jury is composed of the artistic director of Konsthallen (the Art Hall) and two local artists.

The studio is in the same building as Konstnärernas kollektivverkstad, KKV (the artists collective studios, in the Kronan-area in Luleå. The floor above the collective studios contains separate artist studios among which the scholarship studio is one.

To be qualified to apply you are an artist which is about to get your exam this spring from an Art-University in Sweden or any of the Nordic countries – or from the Art Folk High School of Sunderbyn, Luleå. The period which is now open for applicants is in between 2021-09-01 – 2022-08-31 and we must have your application the 9th of May 2021 at the latest by e-mail or traditional post. Mark your application with “Stipendieansökan” or “Application for Scholarship”. If you apply by e-mail – your file should be at the most 5 MB.

Your application must contain a few describing sentences about your artistic practice, 5 – 10 images of representative works of art, CV with address, e-mail and telephone. If we need any other information – we will contact you. Please say something about why you would like to come to Luleå and work and how you would dispose time and opportunities.

Send your application (and if you have any questions) to:
Luleå Kultur- och fritidsförvaltning
Hans Sundvall
Konsthallen I Luleå
SE-971 79 LULEÅ

Phone: +46920454079

Welcome with your application!